Whatsapp on MAC Personal Computer

Whatsapp on MAC Personal Computer: Whatsapp traditionally developed for Mobile phones; It can be made available for PC users as a browser-based Version. We have multiple PC platforms. to make Whatsapp available on these platforms there are various emulators available includes “Bluestacks” which helps to port android latest version onto PC’S run on different multiple platforms.

Emulators vary for a platform to platform, version to version. Recently there was an official announced web-based Whatsapp version available for Windows PC’s (no need of emulators) to access, just go to web.whatsapp.com, scan for QR Code from your mobile device with WhatsApp installed an verified with your mobile no, stay the device connected to internet, use the web-based version for interacting and sharing media.

Process Of  Whatsapp on MAC Personal Computer

About Whatsapp a Top-rated Mobile App: Whatsapp a top rated messaging app with high no active users globally(around 1.7B)since years, Whatsapp was owned by Facebook, Whatsapp will be working even during limited access to the internet, Whatsapp is a multi-platform supported mobile app available for usage on your Smartphone.

Whatsapp using mobile internet (3g, 4g, 5g Wi-Fi other connections available) allows to communicate through messages, calls with anyone around the globe, it allows us to share media. App by default interfaced contacts available on Mobile device.

This app was made available for both mobile users and PC Users i.e. includes Android, I phone, windows mobile users and only Windows PC users, difficulties been faced by MAC Users to use this app instead using I message App which is similar to Whatsapp available for MAC Users.

Innovations made to Whatsapp mobile App

You can do group chat, voice chat, share media, location, calls, offline messages locally, globally for free for the first year, Whatsapp been developed for different platforms, it was made compatible to use it on PC even, Whatsapp team came out with Whatsapp for PC. Initially, it was made available for Windows users, and Android users.

Whatsapp made available to use on a Web browser

Most Questions includes how can we update contact to Whatsapp when accessed via PC, We came out with solutions we need to open Whatsapp on browser (chrome only) using link https://web.whatsapp.com,and scan the QR Code from the device on which you use to access Whatsapp on previously, so that the contacts get uploaded onto app used via PC.

Note: You need your mobile device to be connected to the internet to use browser-based Whatsapp.

Android, Windows users are moving fine with Whatsapp as they are having an option of using WhatsApp on mobile and pc simultaneously.

The question remains unanswered till years in regards Whatsapp on MAC.

techGoooogle.com team went on with researches overnights and came out with few solutions for the ways to use Whatsapp on MAC user on request of Mythri foundation team.

How can MAC Users can use top rated messenger app by replacing Imessager App i.e. Whatsapp on their PC?

This been a complex question for years, how can Whatsapp downloaded 2019and installed on those devices or PC’s operated using MAC.

Whatsapp mobile app has been developed for I phone, but this version of Whatsapp doesn’t have a facility to scan QR Code similar to that the android and windows devices Whatsapp version have.

Researchers working hard to do a favor for the MAC Users finally came out with an alternate for Whatsapp on MAC with few limitations include: We need to understand that Users Cannot simultaneously use Whatsapp on Both I phone and device with MAC, There was a need to delete the app on one of the devices so to allow access on another device.

In clear I can say if an end user to access Whatsapp on Mac need to uninstall Whatsapp on I phone and vice versa.

Few things are must to run or access Whatsapp on MAC

User should have a mobile no attached with Whatsapp before he/she install Whatsapp on MAC or Whatsapp on Mac Air or Whatsapp on Mac Pro for using i.e. to communicate, to share media. User PC must be installed with latest versions Chrome browsers as Whatsapp will not work with Safari browser which was a default browser for MAC PC’s.

How can we install Whatsapp on MAC

we can download and install Whatsapp on MAC devices using right Android emulator which supports the access to Whatsapp on MAC, we need to maintaining specific system requirements  to run Whatsapp on MAC :

  • OSX recent version.
  • software that ports Android to Mac(bluestacks, Virtual box)

What is a bluestack

This is a service which allows you to watch the content of your mobile devices on larger screens. Blue stack is an emulator varies from platform to platform, version to version can be downloaded from www.bluestacks.com

Download Bluestacks MAC for your version, do the installations, search for Whatsapp app, verified using mobile no, Import contacts, install Google chrome old or latest versions as I have already mentioned earlier whats app will not work with Safari browser. Go through the web using URL web.whatsapp.com to access the web-based Whatsapp. Hp printer not printing

Install or access web-based Whatsapp without “Bluestacks”     

  • Download Android 9.0.0 or later.
  • Download Virtual box
  • Steps to download Whatsapp without “Bluestacks”
  • Install the virtual box,
  • Setup the settings to accept the downloads from other sources,
  • run android version,
  • search for Whatsapp
  • verify it with mobile no,
  • Get access to the web-based Android version by accessing web.whatsapp.com.

We need to understand we can access the Whatsapp on Using wrapper available on Mac i.e. Whats Mac. Which is used to access the web browser based Whatsapp

Whatsapp on MAC” is “WhatsMAC”

OSX latest versions software helps you to notify about chat conversations, viewing media shared on grop chats, etc. It’s mandatory here that Whatsapp must register with your mobile no.

WhatsMAC is a free app for MAC Users to use Whatsapp to chat, share media, etc on OS  X, the conversions will be available as notifications at OS X notification center.

Requirement: You need to have Whatsapp working associated with phone no, You can find WhatsMAC free app on git hub, enable your gatekeeper, install by opening the app using gatekeeper on MAC.

Note: Suggested best way of using Whatsapp is using WhatsMAC (chitchat formerly) for MAC users

Download Whatsapp for your Devices

Google play store and I Tunes and many app space sites on web,

  • There have been availability for Whatsapp for IOS or Apple PC (unofficial need emulators),
  • The Whatsapp for Windows phone(app available on the store),
  • Whatsapp for I POD(unofficial –need emulators, software’s),
  • Best Whatsapp for Windows PC(official: no need of emulators),
  • Whatsapp for Android device(official- available on Google play store),
  • Used in Whatsapp for I phone( Official available on I Tunes)


Though Whatsapp been traditionally developed for mobile devices many tricks and tips came out after research to run access Whatsapp from PC i.e. web-based or browser-based Whatsapp version.

There was official access for Whatsapp from PC on windows platform, difficulties being faced by MAC Users in terms of this, Alternates came down into picture we can run Whatsapp on MAC via a free app.

WhatsApp and can install and run Whatsapp on MAC using Emulators but with few limitations, the above article on “Whatsapp on MAC Personal Computer” will acutely describe the ways and tips for using Whatsapp profile pic latest, Different emulators to be used, etc.

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