How to travel and work

Even after laying the groundwork for traveling and working at the same time, there are still some situations that we might have to contend with especially when it comes to actualizing that long-awaited dream. Things like low self-esteem, lack of self-discipline, the damagingly slowing rate of adaptation to the new way of life, and many other peculiar situations might end up ruining the purpose that got you there in the first place – balancing both traveling and working successfully.

Well, not to worry, there are so many out there who have not just attempted this way of life, but have lived it “happily”. And the most applicable example I can think of right about now is the owner of Life Shucker, Jessica Simple. You can relate to her perfectly because she is both a traveler and an entrepreneur. Before she built her own business (Life Shucker), she led Fortune 500 companies through major organizational transformations over fifteen years. Furthermore, with her personally owned business which she built naturally, she is aimed at living her best life, traveling the world and even helping others discover their inner purpose.

With this purpose in mind, while in between two important travels, she still made out time to suggest eight simple things people who aspire to be travelpreneurs like herself can do to make it happen. In this article, we are going to take a close look at those things.

#1. Believe it is possible

Do you feel sometimes despite your desire to travel and work that you can’t make it as Jessica did? We can’t invest our energy in something that we do not believe in. Therefore, you need to believe that you can make it as a travelpreneur regardless of the many reasons to feel otherwise. While there are so many reasons to believe it is possible, at least the thought that some like Jessica Zemple have succeeded doing so should be a sort of encouragement to us. As soon as you have such conviction, you will begin to invest your energy without reserve on this course. This mindset will only lead to success.

#2. Define what success is for you

As our DNA varies so our view of success does. Generally, though, success is often seen as the amount of money or assets one has. This is because of the inevitable priority of many is money. But realistically, there are things that after a self-examination you will find out are more important to you than money. For some, it’s the flexibility with their hours, for others, it might be positively impacting their environment or even the work culture they create, the list is just endless. So what is it for you? You need to identify what success means for you. Knowing this will help you get clear on what your priorities are which will, in turn, be a sort of guide for you especially when it comes to decision making.

#3. Set boundaries

If you work more, you miss out in enjoying your travel to the full, the same goes for the other way round. However, you cannot afford to always be available for work or work across time zones. If you do otherwise, you might just end up disrupting the balance of your travel and work entirely. Thus, you ought to set boundaries for yourself first and then enforce them with others. Don’t fall into the trap of working across time zones given how easy it is to do in today’s increasingly connected world.

#4. Create a community

The more you know about the place you are staying or living temporarily the better your travel. For this reason and many others, you need to connect with others. It is highly beneficial. The most effective way to connect with others is by building a community.  You can do this by either frequenting a coffee shop or joining a yoga studio. You can as well tap into some global communities like Hacker Paradise, ROAM, Summit, and Selina. When you are connected with people, you will always feel that you are not alone on the road.

#5. Establish a routine

If you spend more time doing what you love the most or what gives you joy, you will draw ever closer to your success. Hence, with your priorities in mind, you need to establish a routine where necessary. This doesn’t mean in any way that you should completely rule out exploring which is one of the thrills of working on the road. Instead, you need to make out time exclusively for that activity that means a lot to you regularly. Remember, you only can spend a particular amount of energy every day. Therefore, if finding new coffee shops every day lights up your day, then make out time for it daily. This will go a long way in fuelling your success.

#6. Surround yourself with supporters 

The last set of people you want to surround yourself with is haters who can do no better than criticize and discourage you. But when surround yourself with people who will support you in your dreams you realize that you will always be motivated to continue. These supporters can range from fellow travelpreneurs, to mentors that believe it is not impossible, or even a life coach. To make this happen you need more than the guts, you also need a cheering section.

#7. Take risks

How sure are you that that risk you are scared of taking is just what you need to succeed? The truth is that we can never say for sure what the outcome of any action taken will be like. It is no different from risks. Thus, if you want to make it, you need to look at risks differently – like things you never thought were possible. By so doing, you will always be willing to make game-changing choices beyond your comfort zone most of which you will even get surprised at the incredible results.

#8. Enjoy the journey

What will become of the journey if you don’t enjoy it to the fullest? That is exactly why you need to spend most of your time learning about your new environment since it is the purpose of your travel. Therefore, you need to learn to see those nuances you come across during your travel in a different way. Figuring them out should be so fun because you will get to learn more about your new environment. Trust me! There isn’t anything nice about staying indoors for too long probably because of some local custom. Go out there and try new things, do new things, and feel differently.

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