Things to do during Snowfall in Himachal:

The winters of Himachal Pradesh are world-famous. The panoramas of snow-covered mountains, frozen lakes, icy trails and millions of glittery snowflakes falling from the sky make Himachal enchanting in winter months.

Mostly, people buy Himachal tour packages in winters to enjoy the snowfall. A trip to Himachal during snowfall comes with a plethora of opportunities! Yes, you can try many new adventure sports, activities and things during this period in Himachal.

If you are going to visit a snowfall region for the first time in your life, then all of these activities will be more exciting for you! Well, the charms of snowfall will never cease to cast a spell on you even if you are experiencing snowfall umpteenth time.

So, let’s see the activities and things that you can try in Himachal during snowfall:

Go for Skiing in Manali:

The famous hill station of Manali gets high snowfall in winters. In these months, most of the areas of this hill station transform into skiing terrain with thick sheets of ice. The milky white soft snow of areas like Solang Valley, Gulaba, Marhi, Rohtang and Dhundi is perfect for this thrilling snow sport.

You get to savour the views of astonishing Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar Ranges while skiing in Manali. You can learn skiing if you don’t know how to do it. You will find many famous skiing trainers in Manali. So, you should surely give it a try.

Try Himalayan Winter Trekking Expedition:

If you are an adventure lover, then you can also sign up for the famous Himalayan winter trekking expedition. Trekking in the snow-coated mountains is indeed a bone-chilling experience. It needs lots of strength and skills. But, the vistas that these trekkers can witness are the real treasure.

People go for this trek and overcome all those trekking challenges just to savour those ethereal sights of snow-covered Himalayan Mountains. The charm of frozen lakes, huge snow glaciers and floating fog is truly irresistible. You can also try some simple hikes instead of this challenging trek if you are new to trekking.

Leave your Marks at the Unexplored Skiing Zones with Heli-Skiing:

People who love to push their limits can try thrilling heli-skiing. You get the chance to go to very high terrains, which are usually isolated, for heli-skiing. Only pros can try this activity as it requires unique techniques without which it can be very risky.

In heli-skiing, a stylish chopper drops you on the very high mountainous peaks. You have to ski downwards in the far-flung icy mountains. Your ski boots slide smoothly while cutting the ice as a result of which it floats around you in the form of ice powder. The whole activity is blood-tingling and amazing!

Skate in the Famous Ice-Skating Rink of Shimla:

Ice skating is a fun activity which anyone can try. Yes, you can easily learn it by trying it a few times. The Ice Skating Rink of Shimla is famous because it is an outdoor rink. Yes, it means that you can enjoy the views of mountains, greenery and blue sky while skating here.

You would be amazed to know that it is the largest and the only naturally formed rink of entire South Asia! The rink remains functional in winter months. So, you can easily try it then. The whole experience becomes more enthralling if snowfall starts while your skating session!

Ride a Horse in Solang Valley:

Cars and other modern vehicles can’t run that much effectively on the narrow, slippery and ice-covered trails of Himachal in winters. In that scenario, people take horse rides as these animals are skilled to walk in heavy icy terrain as well.

This is an amazing ride which people try in Solang Valley also for fun. The 8km long ride starts from Solang Valley, and it takes you through the dwindling icy paths of the valley and leaves you at Dhundi. This 4-hour long ride is truly amazing as you will savour the closest views of majestic silver mountains and fog-filled blue sky during the journey.

Enjoy the Icy Vistas with Gondola Rides:

Gondola rides are very famous in the main hill stations of Himachal. These cable cars give you a chance to enjoy the views of ice-covered terrain from an amazing height. All you have to do is to sit back in your Gondola and wait for it to present some of the most miraculous landscapes of the world to you.

You can try this activity in Shimla, Manali and Parwanoo. This activity is perfect for families and people who don’t like to try very thrilling activities. The mesmerising views that are visible from the Gondola cars are worth-capturing!

Challenge yourself through Ice Climbing:

You must have heard about rock climbing, but ice climbing is a very different activity from it. Yes, in ice climbing, one has to climb on the frozen mountains and waterfalls. This activity is truly meant for adventure enthusiasts.

The extremely thick coat of snow on the mountains of Kullu and Manali are perfect for this activity. You need special climbing equipment, proper guidance and training to try ice climbing. It’s a real challenge for you as it requires very much strength and stamina. But, once you will climb up, you get an exhilarating feeling while seeing the phenomenal views from there.

Play with Snow:

The best way to enjoy the snowfall is to just live in the moment, adore the snow and play with it till you are satisfied. Go out to the snow-covered areas of Himachal and observe the beauty of snow. See how it embellished the trees, houses, lanes and shops. Indulge in a snow fight with your pals and throw as much snow as you can at the opponents. Roll in the snow or create a snowman out of it. You can also try carving your name on the ice; which will fade after a few minutes. So, just enjoy yourself in the snow.

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