An Overview Of The Different Technologies in 2019

Technology is evolving at the speed of light. If we reflect upon over the last decade, then we have come a long way. New technologies are bringing change in our daily activities.

Therefore, today in this blog, we decided to share an overview of the different types of technologies in 2019. Curious to know? Then let us check out the blog without further ado.

1. Network Security

The first type of technology we will be sharing the overview about is network security. In the increasing age of technology, it has essential to protect the data you are sharing online.

Here is where the role of network security comes in the picture.


Since there is a lot of confidential information to store, it is necessary to protect all of it. Cybercrimes happen frequently. It will happen at any time. Most of the times, this type of attack happen, whenever you open a corrupted file or a spam email link.

So to prevent all the violation from taking place, install strong network security for the safety of confidential information. In addition to that, do teach your employees and surroundings about the importance of network security.

2. Blockchain Technology

Another famous technology in 2019 is Blockchain technology. The primary aim of the Blockchain technology is to keep the data in a secure way and decentralized manner.

In the Blockchain, the ledger works based on a technique of storing the information within the network.

Nowadays, many businesses are gearing up to adopt the Blockchain technology and gaining the benefits in their work.

3. IoT – Internet of Things

IoT has brought drastic changes in the industry. If we put it in the simple terms then IoT stands for the network of the billions of the physical devices that are connected via the internet across the globe.

All the IoT devices are connected with the sensors that provide the data. As much as the IoT is in trend, likewise, the robotics is equally in trend. Hence, when the two of them combined to serve across the globe it is known as the Embodied Cognition.

4. Big Data

Big Data refers to the problems that are related to the processing or storing the data. If you are someone who wishes to gain knowledge regarding customer insights, product research, or marketing trends, then Big Data is your go-to solution.

Many huge corporations and companies rely on Big Data to gain perspective and analytics. 

Just for the information, Hadoop and Spark are two most famous frameworks that solve the Big Data problems.

5. Fiber Optics

Back in the 1800s, the fiber optics was used for the very first time. Since then we have evolved in a great way. The fiber optics refracts the light inside the glass tubes.

Since it is very difficult to crack, it becomes a secured and safe option. In addition to that, fiber optics keep the data together thereby making it an excellent choice for computer networking.

6. Social Robotics

Remember, the time robotics came into our world, we were so thrilled to have them. As time passed by the technology brought immense changes in the field of robotics. Moreover, one of them is social robotics.

It recognizes the voices, faces, emotions, gestures, and interprets the speech patterns. To help with our everyday life, social robotics plays a crucial role.  It can educate children; take care of the adults, and more.

7. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality is known as the AR, while Virtual Reality is known as the VR. The former adds the digital elements to the live version with the help of smartphones or camera.

The latter brings a wonderful and splendid experience, which is simply out of the world.

It’s been said, that the businesses like B2B and B2C will engage with the augmented and virtual reality for the further expansion and growth of the business.

8. Sensors

A sensor is a device, which will detect and react as soon as there is a sense of touch from the outer environment.  Within the range of sensors, there are multiple types. For instance, there is a motion sensor, proximity sensor, photo sensor, and so much more.

According to us, the best example is the proximity sensor. Most of the times, you will be finding it in the vehicles where it alerts the drivers about the closeness about the other vehicle.

In the world, where new technologies are emerging and making our life easier, one also has to be cautious while using them. The above-mentioned blog sums up about the overview of different types of technologies in 2019.

Apart from the above ones, there’s a lot more to see in the upcoming time. Hope you enjoyed the blog while reading. Do let us know about your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.

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