Smart Investment: Where to Invest to Get High Returns on Investment

Investments have become a basic necessity for working or homemakers in India. People invest to be able to help oneself during emergencies like health issues, or accidents or any other natural calamity.

The investors are always in search of an investment that provides them with better returns and less risk. The investment should thus take place after a thorough understanding of the requirements that match the investment for the investor for best results.  

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

Public Provident Fund investment is the most trusted investment as it provides a guarantee to the investor. Tax-free interest rates and tenure of 15 long years is available in this scheme which proves to be beneficial for the investors.

The PF account can be opened with a minimum of Rs. 500 going up till 1.5 lakhs. The tax benefits of this scheme are included under Section 80C, thus during the maturity of the account, the amount is also exempted from the tax.

The account after maturity can be increased till five years more for several times. Government of India goes through the interest rate every three months in a year. The recent interest rate put up by the government is 7.6 % a year. For a premature closure of the account is allowed only after completion of five financial years. 


The investment here comes with a high risk of cost as well as the safety of the asset. The percentage of making charges is always 6% to 14% and might increase by 25% in certain cases. The inflation rate might get equal to the rates of gold soon and thus the investment proves to be a safe option.

The rate of gold has always increased in the market and never decreased, therefore the market is not compared to the rates assigned to this particular investment. The best reason to opt for this investment is that it can be easily traded with someone in the time of emergency saving a whole lot of time. 

Fixed Deposits (FD)

Fixed Deposits is one of the most preferred smart investment options in India as it offers fixed returns. The investor can start an account in their banks or the Non-Banking Financial Corporation (NBFC). The investment here can be done on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis as per their requirements. This particular investment offers interest rates higher than the regular investing options.

The interest rates offered are in between 3% to 7% depending on the banks or NBFC that the investor chooses as per their requirements. The banks usually ask for a penalty on premature withdrawals of the amount as per the amount set by the respective banks. One Non-Banking Financial Corporation that offers an interest rate of 8.9% is Bajaj Finance.

The minimum deposit to be made by the investor is of Rs. 25,000 which as compared to other NBFC’s is lesser thus the investment does not need to be a heavy amount. Also, tenure offered here starts from 12 months and 60 months to fulfill the financial needs. Thus, investing in Bajaj Finance is a smart investment altogether. 

Real Estate 

The real estate has been an investment option for a long time now. The monthly income is availed on time and the prices increases as the location develop. Thus, attaining profits from time to time in this investment is easier.

The Size and the locality also matter in terms of gaining a wholesome amount in return. The liquidity if the investment is to be analyzed here keeping in mind the terms of safety and other major factors for honestly attaining the profit. 

Direct Equity

The stock market investment is not as easy as it looks like. The proper timing and understanding of the market are important to keep a track of the profits and losses that one attains. The only reason that this investment is reasonable as the inflation rates have not affected the returns that one receives, unlike others.

It involves an option of investing the stocks of a particular organization providing the investor a decent control over the organization. This can take place within the country itself. The only method to master the gain of profit in this investment is to attain proper knowledge of the market and the timings that are the best for investing and not resulting in loss and the methods of predicting the market. 

The investments thus are to be chosen as per the requirements set and the results that benefit the investor. The high returns investment can always benefit during emergencies of health or any other personal reason. Also, investing at the right time provides easy liquidity of the amount as to live a financially fit life during the financial crisis in the country. Out of these options, Fixed Deposits by Bajaj Finance could be a great addition to your investment portfolio considered the no-risk factor and higher interest rates.

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