Top 7 best office security systems of 2019

With increasing threats to confidentiality, privacy, and safety, if you feel the dire need to secure yourself and your surroundings, you’re not the only one. Like your home, your office needs protection too. Primarily, office security systems focus on monitoring the entrances and exits of the premises. Tracking, the visitors and employees comings, and goings will have its benefit.

With each technological advancement that allows innovative, effective business strategies comes a security threat that is equally innovative and equally effective. 

Every business these days needs a very high level of security. Certainly, having too little security is a threat to the office these days. More importantly, if your business has sensitive information in regards to your clients or commercial, then security in that area could be of utmost importance. It is to be kept in mind, that not only internal security but also the external security of the premises is to be taken care of.

With the number of crimes (Wikipedia Source) increasing these days, one needs several security systems that can tackle the problems.

By considering the above points, we have done some research on different offerings of security systems available in the open market today, and have listed the same. There are several factors we have considered while reviewing the products available today. We have curated the Top 7 Best Office Security Systems of 2019 which are as follows, in no particular order:

Front point: 

It is one of the easiest to handle with no installers, drilling, wiring or manual programming. It isn’t a complicated DIY Setup but a pre-programmed and the home automation devices are ready to use. It is smash proof and wireless, making it strong to avoid burglars. It has powerful encryption to the keypad and has automatic system checks making it quite convenient for the user to operate. To top it all, you can curate and make a plan according to yourself and pay only for the kind of security system you avail.


This security system as lots of cameras from the doorbell, outdoor to ping camera and 24×7 recording. It sells itself for the smart lock, element thermostat, and garage door control tools. It is one of the most efficient systems to have installed and has a lot of inter-connectedness among its tools. They enable you to receive notifications and control home system from anywhere. They offer professional installation at zero charges so that’s a plus that you won’t usually get.

Simply Safe: 

This security system flaunts to be the number one pick of several well-known websites. They offer live professional alerts and stay on call until the matter is settled. Another attractive feature is the very real alarm they claim to have which makes the police dispatch for SimpliSafe 350% faster. They have tiny unnoticeable sensors and smart ones at that, which detect humans and overlooks pets so each time a cat passes by slyly, there won’t be a hue and cry about it. For the cherry on the cake, they monitor against floods, fires and more, which is to say it is not just restricted to intruders but for over-all protection.

Protect America:

With an accessible interface and attractive features, this security system allows one to do a lot with a simple touch. From check the thermostat, switching on the lights, unlocking and opening doors to security alerts and live monitoring, everything is laid out to you. They provide HD wireless video camera to see, hear, and talk back to, giving one the full control to exercise and monitor home functions simply.


With a pocket-friendly price and top-notch facilities, this security system wins hearts and spaces that need good security. With lock compatibility, smart home integrations, and 24×7 monitoring, it also provides glass break protection and has flood and freeze sensors. They give remote notifications and offer short-term monitoring as well as have an auto home/away feature that makes it an attractive security system for one to adapt.


With a unique smoke + CO alarm, Nest is one of the most renowned, convenient systems for usage. With thermostats, camera and doorbell monitor, its alarm system is one of the best ones there are. This security system company has clubbed with Google to make Google Nest which has the features of Google home and security of Nest.


This security system is proud of its Z-Wave Technology and gives home automation a different touch on its own. With indoor and outdoor cameras, recorded clips along with living footage, its camera game is on point. It has emergency alarms for smoke and flood, and carbon monoxide detectors. Like most security systems, it can be controlled from anywhere with customizable alerts and schedules.

In the end, there are various other things that one needs to keep in mind when securing the office. This also means keeping your main doors closed, server room locked with only designated person to have access to it and certainly windows locked at all the time to make sure it is secured against unauthorized entry. We also request you to make sure that does not make the investment cost in security as an expense, it always can yield better returns in the long future.

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