Tips to Save Money For Traveling

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save money for traveling

To start collecting money to go on a trip, the first thing to do is list all the expenses we have in a month. The spend on rent/hire apartment, car expenses, insurance, phone bill, phone, internet, cable TV, nightlife, party/events, etc. Nothing can be left out.

This task can take a whole month since it is necessary to note not only the fixed costs such as rent but also spending variables such as movies, going out with friends, etc.

When you do this, you will get the result in a large expenditure of money, and you’ll find things you are taking more money than it should. With that list make a new two columns. On one side “Needs”, whatever that is or if we need to live, and food expenses. And the other “Consumption”.

With that, we will know exactly how much money you need to live on a monthly basis. And make no mistake. Mobile (unless it is for work), Cable TV, etc., are not necessary expenses.

Having analyzed the prompt list and can start a savings plan several months before the trip and get more money to enjoy your destiny. Or, to have no debt with credit cards or loans. Check out the below awesome tips to save money for traveling.

Share Apartment

Share Apartment

One of the biggest expenses we have is in renting your house or apartment. You can always get someone to share expenses, a friend, relative or acquaintance, someone is always looking for a place to live. If you have a spare room in your home, this can be a great solution and save up to 50% of your living expenses.



It’s not a fun task for most people, and others just do not have time to cook. But it’s a great way to save money, and above take better care of your health. Personally, I would rather badly in the kitchen, until slowly, looking for recipes and tips on Google, and especially practice, I started having a noticeable improvement. I’m not an expert, but enough to eat good healthy food and save money.

Two of My Strategies are:

1. On Sunday of each week, make a plan of what you intend to eat at lunch and dinner for the rest of the week. With that information, I need to know exactly what ingredients. And thanks to that I go to the supermarket once a week.

2. On weekends, when I have more time, but plenty of food and freeze. For example, some sauce to accompany pasta or frozen filets. It only takes 10 or 15 min to cook.

#1. Save Electricity

Save Electricity

This is what we know; replace the bulbs with low consumption if they are of better LED. Pull out the water heater and pin only when we are going to use. No stop lights and appliances apprehended if we are not using. Only the tip of the water heater reduced the rate to 30%.

#2. Cable TV

Cable TV

Do I really need this expense? It is not enough with open channels and internet? Just watch movies, series, and documentaries, and I do via the internet.

#3. Phone

Year Built 1955 Dial Post Bakelite Old Phone

Still, have a landline phone? This is another item that I eliminated and replaced it with the mobile. That way I avoid having to pay two bills. For more not to use it, there was always taxes and overheads to pay.

#4. Mobile

Macro view of modern black glossy touchscreen smartphone or mobile phone with wireless navigator map service internet application on screen and group of colorful destination pointer marker icons on city map with selective focus effect

I have a prepaid mobile phone. Pay only for what you use, no contracts and no fixed charges. In addition, all promotions out there and I have only reduced their use to basics, Replace SMS by WhatsApp. Sending SMS is very costly even from calls.

#5. Automobile


Maintaining a car is expensive. Must pay taxes, fuel, insurance, maintenance, repairs, among others. Personally, I prefer to go by taxi or rent a car when I need to go far, using any of the discounts of my credit cards. If you want to go 3-4 miles, you can do walking or cycling.

And don’t forget public transport and use it when we have time because in some countries there are very efficient services.

A good tip is to try to avoid using the car as much as possible, to save on fuel, and who knows, maybe you can sell, earn income and save a lot of money to make ends meet.

#6. Shopping


If we can avoid them better, but if not, we can turn to buy what they need on where we can get better prices (depends on each country’s customs restrictions can be purchased in Uruguay Outdoor products $200.).

#7. Credit Card

Credit Card

There are many credit cards that allow the generation miles or points which can then be exchanged for tickets, hotel nights or other discounts.

Try to pay all your bills and expenses using your card. That way you will get cash back quickly.

#8. Subscribe to Newsletters

While receiving many emails with deals usually don’t like, it can be a good option to save. Subscribe to newsletters of airlines, hotel chains, and travel-related businesses and destinations that you intend to visit. That way you will be aware firsthand to get the best deals.

#9. Outings with Friends

Outings with Friends

In the months leading up to it is one thing to be cut and get a good saving journey. Outputs to pubs, pizzerias, cinema, etc. There are people who unwittingly spent over $100 in output per month. What are three months would have in your pocket over $300, which for countries like Asians is much, could travel at least ten days in Thailand with that money!

#10. Quitting Smoking

Quitting Smoking

Beyond the innumerable health benefits, quitting smoking greatly which will relieve your pocket. Especially in countries like Uruguay, there is a strong anti campaign snuff and cigarettes are extremely expensive.

#11. Sell Things You Don’t Need

Sell Things You Don’t Need

Just like buying things second hand, we can also sell stuff on sites like eBay. Check your drawers, trunks, and boxes, which will always find something that is a no longer useful item to use but we can sell it to someone else who needs.

#12. Open an Account to Earn Interest

Open an Account to Earn Interest

While the interest generated in a bank account is usually very little, it is another income without doing anything. If you only generate $100, we are talking we can spend three days in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, in Bolivia or Peru, Africa, among others.

With these tips, you can make enough money to live a dream vacation on a paradise beach in Thailand. Using Couch surfing can spend 15 days in Thailand for only $300 spending 20 per day! Yes, $300!

Finally, save before you go traveling, but in a future article will discuss how to save when you are already traveling!

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