Rules of YouTube, which every YouTuber should keep in mind

YouTube is the largest and most used video streaming website on the internet. Data provided by YouTube states that everyday about 65000 videos are uploaded each day. It is very difficult for the YouTube staff to view and check every video uploaded to YouTube.

There is an option in every YouTube video to report a specific video. The videos which are reported by the user are personally examined by the YouTube staff 24 hours.

There are total 9 standards on YouTube which can be selected when reporting a video. Depending upon the level of YouTube policies violated the owner of that YouTube video gets penalized or his account may be terminated

All the new YouTubers who always worry about the strict policies of YouTube can read the below important policies which must be followed in every video.

Sexual content.

Videos which contains any kind of sexual content like, Graphic sexual activity, Nudity or abusive title and description are strictly against YouTube policies. If a video is found against this policy then it can face a complete removal or penalty to the owner. This is the most serious and non-negotiable offense in YouTube policies. If the content is semi sexual then there can be a warning of “Age-restricted video” inside the video

Violent or repulsive content.

The content which involves the intense fighting seen, Physical violence and animal abuse, etc falls under this policy. The content flagged or reported under this policy can cause removal, or the YouTube video can only be seen by adult users. Videos which contains fighting and injuring seen wounding someone, killing someone or physically abusing someone can be removed under this policy.

Hateful or abusive content.

The content which spreads the hate against a special community or person falls under this category of YouTube policies. Bullying and abusing individuals also come under this category. If your YouTube video is found abusing or bullying someone then you can face this type of penalty. If your video is spreading hate for an individual, cast, religion then your video will be removed if someone reports that

Harmful dangerous acts.

YouTube videos which promote the Harmful and dangerous activities like using drugs, dangerous stunts with fire and explosives, attempting suicide and performing dangerous stunts which can be injurious and dangerous for people.

Child abuse.

This policy is made keeping child safety in mind. The videos which contain sexual, physical and verbal abuse of a child can face penalty and removal under this policy.

Promotes terrorism.

The videos which are intended to promote the terrorist activities like recruitment for a terrorist organization, praises terrorism, glorify terrorist acts and states them good falls under this policy type

Spam or misleading.

YouTube video which spreads false information, content that misleads viewer, advertisement and sales of drugs/banned products, mass advertisement and scam/false information. A YouTuber should ensure that the content he uploads is genuine and is not involved in any of the above activity. Being involved in the above tasks is a serious offense and can cause great trouble.

Infringes my rights.

This type of policy protects a copyrighted content from publishing by un-authorized portion. If a YouTuber is uploading some piece of content which is created by another user without his permission than the original owner of that content can use this policy to act against the un-authorized publisher. This policy also becomes useful when a YouTuber reveals information about an individual which harms the individual’s right to privacy.

Captions issue.

Captions or subtitles are the written format of what someone is saying in his YouTube video. Putting abusive captions in the YouTube video is against their policies. Also, what is said in the video and what is being written in captions is their policies and you can be in trouble if voice and text captions of videos mismatch.

What to do before reporting someone based on the above policies.

If you ever find someone disobeying above policies then it’s always better to contact the YouTube channel owner before reporting his video. There is a huge probability of getting their content modified as per your request since no one wants to get in trouble of penalty and video deletion. The process of sending message to YouTube channel owner is easy and you can follow this article which will tell you “how to message someone on YouTube

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