How to create a readable article

Creating a readable article is the only way to truly gain the attention of the masses. Even a poorly written piece of content will be read by someone interested enough. This short article goes over how to write a readable article, organize it, and win the love of the internet.


This list is what this article includes. Providing an overview will give an alternative to reading a lot of filler content for people who just need bullet points and no explanations.

  1. Keep your content short.
  2. Use lists to keep the attention of people who have Twitters to attend to.
  3. Large words and tricky phrases scare people.
  4. Everyone loves nice pictures.
  5. Use headers.
  6. Don’t be repetitive.

If you don’t like reading, feel free to skip the rest. See what I just did? I probably saved about 50% of the reader’s time, but still got the information out!

Keeping the Content Short

How many times have you thought “It was a great movie, but I wish it wasn’t so long.” Sometimes it doesn’t matter how great your thoughts are – If you drag on for too long even if your biggest fans will stop reading.

Don’t combine all your paragraphs, it’s annoying. If you have giant blocks of text, your grandma will re-read the same sentence five times, kids will be scared and the bus ride won’t be long enough for some great lad to even attempt reading your content.

Lists are Great Because…

  1. Well for one, lists provide even shorter & readable content.
  2. Allow you to refer back to your list without re-writing an entire sentence.
  3. Along with Bullet Point #2, there’s also…. (See, it’s easy!).
  4. Makes your article look more professional than a blob of text

Large words scare people away. Unless you’re Bloomberg, you probably will have a mixed audience. As Journalism majors might tell you, you’re writing for the dumbest reader, not the smartest. However, somewhere in between works too! Don’t make yourself sound like a blabbering toddler.

Why are pictures nice?

Well for one, they break up the content, grab a reader’s attention, and can explain things better than a blob of text. Imagine if I wrote an article trying to explain the artistic paint strokes of the Mona Lisa.

One last thing about pictures ever been on a plane or bus and noticed a picture on someone else’s iPad, phone or newspaper? Yeah, it probably grabbed your attention faster than a small title or paragraph of unreadable text could! Use pictures, it’s easy.

Why You Should Use Headers

Headers allow your readers to skim down the page to find information that they are interested in. Your headers should be bold, descriptive, and easily seen. They shouldn’t be tiny – Make them larger than your normal text if you want!


No. There is no need for a conclusion or wrap up. An average article is between 500 and 1,000 words. Most people can remember what they’ve read in that short amount of time. Furthermore, with an overview at the start, you can just tell people to go back to that for a refresher. There’s no need to be repetitive!

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