Mobile Phone Technology Is A Pied Piper For Kids Counter It On Black Friday

It is not a rumor at all that smartphones, tablets and PCs connected to the internet happen to piper for children. The actual pied piper is a legend from the town of Hamelin dates backs to middle ages who wore multicolored clothes and have taken all the kids of the town in the response of not getting paid. Today, we have come across with a tech-based piper known as mobile devices having internet access. The modern devices are available in different colors, shapes, specs and our children are highly obsessed with these devices.

Now children can get access to a new virtual world and using social media for communication purposes. Screen-time of children is at their highest ratio compared to the past because youth is far more interested in spending time smartphones than in real-life activities. So, seemingly cellphone technology making teens and kids addicted to the internet, social media on digital devices.

Mobile Phone Technology

How phone technology is a pied piper for children?

Nowadays, youth is obsessed with social media apps, instant messengers and perform browsing activities on digital devices. Furthermore, children sending and receiving text messages, conversations, share multimedia and Voice messages, as for as activities are concerned seems normal with known people.

However, teens are also getting involved in communication with strangers on social media. So, there is always a stranger danger in the social digital world. Furthermore, teens share photos and videos in an inappropriate way such as nude photos or a sexually explicit fashion.

 At the end of the day, teens may become the victim of cyberbullying, online stalking and also get trapped by the sexual predators that interact with teens online to have sexual motives. Teens are also willingly indulging in online hookups with strangers by using social media apps and websites on mobile phones.

 Teens are also doing sexting online and on text messages. Social media dangerous trends happen to attractive for teens and adult content is one the most dangerous stuff. Therefore, the internet, social media, and mobile devices have become piped piper for teens online and parents have to counter this tech-based pied piper before it would create a stigma in teens’ minds that real –life is worthless.

Common Sense Media statistics: Teen cell phone addiction

  • 50% of teens are highly obsessed with cellphone technology and 59% of digital parents also addicted to phones and internet
  • More than 72% of the teens say they feel pressure to respond to social media messages and notifications
  • Almost 78% of teens used to check phones back and forth within an hour
  • 77% of the parents say their teens and kids are always absent-minded while using a phone
  • 35% of the teens argue with the parents to let them use digital devices connected to the internet
  • 51% of teens used to of using mobile phones to do text messages while driving

Black Friday fortunately right around the corner gets children digital safety

People love to go shopping at festivals because they get discounts on plenty of things out there. What about the days of discounts in terms of Black Friday and Cyber Monday which comes with a maximum discount on everything in the markets. Yet again Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner and people would definitely have plans to buy things for almost free having discounts on goods, and costumes. On the other hand, parents would preferably go for the discounts related to the family in terms of costumes and other things.

Black Friday fortunately right

However, parents in the Black Friday situation always forget to make sure kids and teens real –life and online protection and in modern times digital safety is far more important than goods. So, parents make your mind on this upcoming weekend of Black Friday and get 50% to 90% discounts on cell phone parental control. You can get the subscription online for almost free being a new user or you would get it by paying half. Install the parental monitoring app on children’s devices and monitor what they are doing online whether they are doing things safe online or they are facing nightmares in terms of bullies online and other cyber predators.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming and people are ready to get discounts on everything they are going to buy. Always go for the children’s digital safety first then prefer goods.

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