Most Amazing Mountain Passes of Ladakh

Ladakh is famously known as “the land of passes” because of all the thrilling and scenic mountain passes that it houses. These beautiful roads and passes are the reason why tourists enjoy road journeys as much as the main attractions in Ladakh. 

The high altitude and panoramic landscapes transform this mere road pass into adventurous destinations which every tourist wants to visit once. People just not only pass through these roads but also stop in the midway to admire the vistas and capture it into their cameras.

Every mountain pass of Ladakh has a distinct feature which makes it worth visiting. So, you should know about the most enthralling mountain passes of Ladakh before buying Leh Ladakh tour packages

Let’s move to the list of stunning mountain passes of Ladakh that gives real travel goals to the adventure enthusiasts. 

Khardung La Pass: 

Situated at a distance of 40 km from Leh, Khardung La Pass is one of the highest motorable passes of the world. The amazing elevation of 18,380 ft. makes this pass the favorite road for bikers and adventure lovers. People going to Shyok and Nubra Valleys have to cross this pass to reach there.

You will have to cross this pass also to reach some famous trekking trails of the region. The views of ice-covered mountains and colorful Tibet petition banners make this pass truly picturesque. Along with it, the bone-chilling breeze makes the whole journey spectacular. People stop here to simply savor the views along with a cup of tea. 

Bara-Lacha La Pass: 

Perched at an altitude of 16,040 ft. at the meeting point of majestic Himalayas, Pir Panjal and Zanskar mountain ranges, Bara-Lacha La is another beautiful mountain pass of Ladakh. It is the point from where many famous treks start including the Chandra Tal and Suraj Tal trek. This pass is the gateway to Ladakh as it connects Ladakh to Lahaul. 

You will rarely find crowds of tourists here so; people who love to experience natural serenity should surely visit this pass. All you will see is snow-covered mountains everywhere from this pass. It is advisable to cross this mountain pass before afternoon because it becomes tough to travel when the snow starts to melt and create water streams.

Chang La Pass: 

People usually visit Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh, and you have to cross Chang La Pass to reach there. Located at an altitude of 17,586 ft. Chang La is the third highest motorable pass in the world. The scenic beauty of this pass is unmatchable, and it also serves as the gateway to Changthang plateau. 

The broad yet extremely steep roads of Chang La Pass give a thrilling feeling to the tourists. You will also spot yaks and various army tea stalls here. Stop at any of these to enjoy the sights for a while. 

Zoji La Pass: 

Zoji La is yet another high altitude pass which gives goosebumps to the drivers as well as travelers. Connecting Leh and Srinagar, this pass is considered one of the scariest paths of the world. 

With an altitude of 11, 649 ft., this pass keeps testing the driving skills of the drivers by presenting unique curves and turns now and then. The views from this pass are truly fascinating, and the harsh geography makes them unique. You may also see the Indian army on these narrow paths due to its strategic location.         

Taglang La Pass: 

Settled in the Zanskar Valley at an altitude of 17,480 ft., Taglang La is the second highest mountain pass of Ladakh. This pass also houses the nomadic Changpa herdsman and is a must-visit place for tourists. 

The stunning height, sweeping plains, and breath-taking views make it a marvelous mountain pass of Ladakh. You can also visit neighboring areas like Sarchu and Upshi while going to Taglang La Pass. Due to the presence of herdsmen, you can also spot many goats and sheep grazing around this area. 

Pensi La Pass: 

Pensi La is also an important mountain pass of Leh Ladakh with the height of 14,436 feet. Popularly known as the “Gateway to Zanskar”, this mountain pass connects Zanskar Valley to the Suru Valley. It also serves as a watershed destination for the Suru River. 

If you are coming through the Srinagar route, then this path will act as the beginning of Ladakh for you, and you will experience a change of landscape here. The famous Kargil is also situated near it; so you can visit that too on your trip to Pensi La Pass. The glorious natural views and tranquil ambiance of this pass will surely win your heart. 

Namika La Pass: 

Famously called “the pillar of the sky” Namika La is a beautiful mountain pass that stands at the height of 12,139 feet. It is a popular tourist stopping point on the way to Ladakh as it offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountain peaks.

This pass is situated on the route to the Mulbek Valley, and you can see ancient rock carvings of Maitreya Buddha as well as the Buddhist Gompa here. This pass connects Leh to Kargil, and there are lots of things for sightseeing. So, you should stop here for a while on your Ladakh trip. 

Fotu La Pass: 

Fotu La is the highest mountain pass on the Srinagar Leh highway, and people going on a bike trip to Ladakh must go through this magnificent route. The roads are wide open with little or no traffic; which makes the whole ride even more picturesque.

The altitude of 13,478 feet altitude of this mountain pass presents some of the most astounding mountainous views to the spectators. The wild winds make the whole atmosphere truly amazing. You should stop at this pass on your bike tour to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

So, visit some of these mountain passes on your Ladakh trip. Don’t spend the road journey while sleeping as you will miss the main beauty of Ladakh by doing so. 

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