Top 5 Graphics Tools to Create a Brand Logo

Whether you are in the catering, construction or beauty industry, building a company logo is a very crucial step when it comes to customer acquisition and recognition.

In the past, people usually hire a graphics designer to design their logo. But nowadays, people have many more choices about how to get their logo. Furthermore, non-designers is possible to DIY their logo with the help of online easy-to-use logo makers.

A logo is much more than just a bunch of icons

Ideally, the logo or branding reflects exactly what you impression it to be. People will use ideas and suggestions as input to design, but whether he can do it exactly as he imagines is questionable.

As mentioned above, the Internet now offers numerous free tools with which you can easily and quickly create a fantastic logo for your business.

Which tool is the right one?

So, choosing the online logo making programs can save you not only money but also time and nerves. Especially when building your own business, it is vital to keep expenses to a minimum.

On the Internet, there are various offers for the creation of the logo and some even completely free of charge. By the way, a self-designed logo can look professional.

Check out advantages and disadvantages:

As with any product and service, there are advantages and disadvantages of these tools, of course. So only if you know computer knowledge, the following online tools will be of great help. Especially for companies who want to save money and time, the benefits of a self-designed logo outweigh.

The advantages:

Creating a logo by yourself is simple and fun. Mostly you can choose from templates, can insert different shapes and colors and customize yourself. It is in the hand because your creativity knows no bounds!

The disadvantages:

A little self-research is necessary. Especially you need to consider which colors and fonts to use and which one should be avoided. You have to invest a short time – unless you already have some experience in designing.

The 5 best providers to help you to create a brilliant logo


DesignEvo is a web-running application that anyone can use to quickly customize a stunning and brilliant logo.

The first step to design logos with this tool is finding an icon among the millions made available by the database: it is done by typing a keyword in the appropriate box and then dragging the one you like in the canvas. No matter what your business is, thanks to its large collection of templates, icons, and vector shapes, you will surely find what you need to build your brand identity.


Logogenie is a simple and practical application to design your logos. Start from selecting a wide range of designs and customize your logo in just a few clicks. And you have many options in your tool. Its advanced edition allows you to choose different types of fonts to combine texts with icons and gadgets.

It must be clear that the program requires that you register as a user and then download your logo in Logogenie for free.

Factory logo

Practical and straightforward page, for when you want to create your logo in 5 minutes, you select a template and start customizing it, despite offering very funny typefaces it doesn’t have many tools to work on. While it doesn’t require anything to download your result, its excessive publicity may not let you concentrate.


Do you want to create custom logos? Try Online Logo Maker, a web app designed to create logos and writings, quickly, for free and online, without the need to install or download any software. You will be able to create truly surprising logos in a simple, fast way and through a functional and clean graphic interface.


Logaster is an online service designed to create professional logos in extreme simplicity. It is possible to create numerous variations of logos and drawings and customize them in colors, fonts, and icons.

Helpful tips

Regardless of which tool and which design one ultimately chooses, one should think in advance about how the logo should be designed.

Important is:

Choosing the right colors: to avoid colorful colors with glitter stripes if possible.

Finding the right size: the larger the resolution, the more versatile the logo can be.

To have the right inspiration: Goggling on the Internet and getting inspired by existing logos without copying.

  • To choose a timeless design: Simple is always well received.
  • To keep the design simple: to omit unnecessary elements, colors, and symbols best.

It is best to try the websites mentioned above and save your chosen templates, sleep for a night and then decide. It is also better to ask your friends, acquaintances or friends on social media sites. If none fits, you can always create a new logo or maybe hire a graphic designer.

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