Faster, Lighter & more powerful – Meet the technology of tomorrow

Have you ever heard or seen heading showing the new engine has launched that is powerful and lighter and faster than any other out there? 

We have always noticed and observed new smartphone series has made massive battery level and storage capacity has blown the users away. This is more like it. That does make sense right. But that is not the case for Liquid Piston invention. The company Connecticut has designed an engine that surely takes the electrical vehicles and drones to the next level technology. 

Where this all started…. 

Well, the idea generated from the person who wasn’t a licensed driver or an engineer himself. He invented the Wankel engine that aims to have speed as faster as a horse in 1960. 

With this thought Connecticut Company laid the thought of investing and researching for 13 years plus 18 million to recreate what is been stopped. 

Transformed the old version into a refined one

They study the engine which had pistons shaped of peanut chamber along with one or more triangular rotors followed by elliptical orbit. According to online assignment help London, they have reported, Wankel had problems related to economy fuel, Co2 emission, and reliability. 

That Liquid Piston transformed the old version into the newly refined version, instead of the triangular rotor in a peanut; they install the peanut-shaped rotor into a triangular chamber. 

Talking about the generated energy per unit, the normal 30 Kilowatt-hours generated weight 1000 or more. However, the engine liquid Piston introduced can produce the same amount in units within the weight of fewer than 400 pounds. 

70cc X mini Engine-Faster, Better and Fuel-Efficient 

The experiment of X Mini High Efficient Hybrid Cycle was moved towards the factory building to the world showing how this has been designed. If you want to see more about the invention try seeing the video of the liquid Piston. 

The invention took place in 2016 where the company builds a compact mini engine that as the capacity to be powerful enough to function in the go-kart. The best part about the engine is just 4Pounds and comprises of three moving parts along with produce the 3HP at the 10,000 RPM. However, the expected capacity can go further into 5HP at up to 15000 RMP when the experiment is completed. 

Wankel’s Are Not Popular Enough

Let’s go further into the future possible changes are done by big automobile companies. This has changed lately we are in 2019 now, the engineers are moving forward to inventing many trendiest products that shut the mouths of other theories that say bigger engines better speed and lighter the car’s output. As said by thesis service, some cars have proven to have smaller engine design but worked marvelously.

Mazda RX-7-Light-weight Wankel powered engine 

The 1978 model RX-7 used the Wankel powered engine to work better and faster than ever. This company never stop the faith in rotary engines that churn the powerful speedy car into the more extraordinary venture of all time. 

The specialty to drive the sports cars lover away was its 1.1-liter unit pumped a 100 approximately horsepower that can be labeled to be the sports cars of the 90s.

Best engines to watch over in 2019

Engines come in different features, sizes and output quality nowadays. Some are considered fast, or gas-guzzling appetite. Let’s find out what they and how much they are performing.

BMW B58 3-Liters six-cylinder Turbo 

The car considered to be the best structured and good appetite of gasoline power plant makes to 335hp and 330 Ib-ft of torque.

General Motors 6.2-Liters OHV V8 

What more to expect? The General motors have presented the 6.2 V8 features a fancy version of 17 mode cylinder deactivation function. The power engine comprises of 425 hp and 450 Ib-ft of twist. 

Hyundai’s Kona EV (electrical power train)

This electrical power train has been designed to lash the roads of Korea with its electrical motor making 150kW with 201hp. The car is transformed by the 291 Ib-ft of torque connected to the 64kWh battery charged, with the help of this feature it can go 258 miles with having charged only once. 

What Mazda is planning for the future?

We know the fans of the new rotary engine were waiting for the revival of Mazda’s new creations. However, long waited prayers are now being accepted. In 2020, you might see the first electrical vehicle starting its gears to the automobile market. 

 The cars will be divided into two parts one will be purely electrical and the other will have a sporty car that has rotary engine range extender, which will function as a Gasoline engine in BMW i3. 

There is no specific news or defined report about the body style, battery type and driving range to where the new electrical car will stand. The news is vague enough to say anything about the new technology. 

New Mazda RX series is Making Waves for 2019 

In their 100 anniversary shout out the company is planning to launch the RX series which will drive you crazy. The company has long been the owner of the rotary engine and now is moving towards new inventions. According to the head of designer Maeda-san, the technology of rotary is something the Mazda can make. 

The future Mazda rotary engine will set its gear for the smooth drive and 1.6Liter version producing the two 800cc rotors that go for 400 horsepower and the special feature is the weight less than 2860 lbs. let’s see what the company is up to and those rumors can be a reality. 

Wrapping up

There were many companies for the past years have been working on Wankel engines. However, there is no such progress seen by them. Mazda is the only one who has still initiated to move on the ritual of the rotary technology can also provide benefit to the near-future environment. Many students have also written an informative essay regarding the topic of rotary is a failure or not? 

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