Famous Hackers in History Pages

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Humans with evil minds existed since the olden ages. So, when hackers send ransom ware or virus to your system, you cannot blame the entire human race. And to be noted, many cases go unreported, and sometimes, the law enforcement agencies find difficulty in putting the hacker behind bars. In this article let us focus on the famous hackers in history pages.

A decade ago, a hacker meant a person who strayed into your system intentionally and stole confidential information. But now, the word hacker has become synonymous with persons who release ransom ware. Do you know there exists two types of hackers in the community?

The first type is known as a white hacker who makes use of various methods to identify the vulnerabilities in a computer server and then improve the security.

The second group, are known by the name grey hat hackers. And they have just fun in their minds. They identify vulnerabilities in a system and give information to the same company.

The third group is the more dangerous variety called as black hat hackers. They are intelligent in knowledge than white hat hackers and grey hat hackers and can cause multiple harms.

Hacker’s Mode of Working

In the good old times, many of the notorious hackers at least had a name and they worked solo or in a group. But their footprints were easy to find. They often used nicknames for the group such as Lizard Squad etc.

The mode of working has changed with the type of recent hackers. They will ensure that you nor the law enforcement agencies never know the real name.

Many group members work from different countries and communicate through back channels. For some, they work in unmarked office buildings similar to a 9 to 5 job.

These days, it is the security agencies which give the new hacker a name after getting to know his/her activities. In all, these professionals are a constant threat to society in any part of the world.

1. Famous Hackers In History Pages – Guccifer

The other name is Marcel Lehel Lazar, but do you know the reason for his popularity? This hacker exposed several individual servers of prominent political personalities in the US.

He gained entry to the personal Facebook and emails of Colin Powell (then Secretary of State). He fled to Romania but was extradited and put on trial. Pleaded guilty to hacking charges and identity theft.

2. Famous Hackers In History Pages – Ryan Collins

The activities he did were known as the Celebrate or the Happening. He leaked obscene photos of Jennifer Lawrence as well as Kate Upton online. His mode of working was simple – he will send celebrities with emails that will contain an exact replica of resetting notifications for passwords from companies such as Google or Apple.

Having known their passwords, he will then log into their account download every information from the cloud such as text messages, contacts and photos.

3. Famous Hackers In History Pages – Adrian Lamo

In cybersecurity history, he was referred to as homeless hacker for his different type of lifestyle. He hacked into The New York Times internal computers in the year 2002. Soon, he has access to personal databases and very soon he got information about the people who contributed to the Newspaper. He was fined, but in recent times got fame in assisting the arrest of Chelsea Manning.

4.  Famous Hackers In History Pages – Vladimir Levin

It was 23 years before this guy hacked the computers of Citibank and stole nearly ten million and transferred it to other accounts. Do you know why this hacking is more supreme? He has not used the internet.

Instead, he relied on the telecommunication system and noted down passwords of his victims. After getting caught, he was to pay a fine of more than 2 lakh dollars to Citibank.

The bank at the time did not make use of multi-authentication when it came to wiring transfers. And Levin made hay of it. He transferred money to his accomplices in Germany, Netherlands, and even Israel. But after some time, the bank had noted down the bogus transfers and caught him along with his accomplices.

5. Famous Hackers In History Pages – Albert Gonzalez

One of the most dreaded hackers of all time, Albert Gonzalez stole millions of dollars from personal debit and credit card accounts. He is right now serving a sentence of twenty years in prison. Other than stealing and selling confidential information for credit cards, his group called the ShadowCrew also dealt in fraudulent passports and birth certificates for identity theft.

6. Famous Hackers in History Pages – Gary McKinnon

Belonging to Scotland, he was a computer geek when he attained the age of 14. His interest in UFO led him to hack NASA and American military computer systems. He gained access and secured information in the years 2001 to 2002.

But the problem came when he ridiculed the military on their website stating their security is crap. He was identified, but the US could not lay their hands on him. As of now, he is living in the UK. As per US authorities, he deleted files and caused the shutdown of more than 1500 computers for an entire day.

7. Famous Hackers In History Pages – Kevin Poulsen

He is more popularly known by the name Dark Dante. His mischief involved hacking to a specific state phone network for winning a prize on a radio show.

After identification by the FBI, he was on the run for close to one and a half years. He served the years in prison, but now his skills have got him the contributing editor post at Wired.

8. Famous Hackers In History Pages – The Syrian Electronic Army

If there is a group of hackers, among the most popular category, it is this group calling themselves The Syrian Electronic Army. It was eight years ago that the members assembled in a rogue group for supporting their President.

They have hacked into social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. They usually target newspapers, websites, and organizations hostile to their country and regime.

9. Famous Hackers In History Pages – Max Ray Butler

The other name for this hacker is the Iceman. It was the first time that a security consultant turned into a hacker and caused mayhem in the banking sector. In his hay time, he sold more than one million credit card confidential data and made money. After getting caught, he was given punishment in prison terms.

10. Astra

The other name of a Greek hacker, he caused loss of millions of dollars to the French aviation company, Dassault Group. He stole data of technology for weapons and then sold the information. He was caught in 2008.

11. Kevin Mitnick

If there is a name which can be replaced by a hacker, then it is Kevin Mitnick. Although his hacker exploits have stopped now, still he is remembered for his intelligence.

But the same knowledge made him spend half a decade in prison. He hacked the Los Angeles bus system for hitching a free ride. He now works as a security consultant for Fortune 500 companies.

12. Jonathan James

He is better known as c0mrade. Beginning hacking at a very young age, he made entry to Government networks before he was sent to jail.

He hacked into the network of NASA and downloaded the codes needed to know the workings of the International Space Station. Because of his entry, NASA had to shut down the entire network for a total of 21 days.

His life ended on a tragic note when he was accused of attacks on high profile companies. Unable to bear the pressure of being convicted, he committed suicide. The reason, he thought he may be framed for crimes not done by him.

A few more notable names are –

  1. Loyd Blankenship
  2. Julian Assange – founder of WikiLeaks
  3. Anonymous – Group


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