10 Best Education Apps for Students in 2019

In this digital era, everything is digitized and moved to apps and software. Similarly, to educate a child through new means has become very important. Because today’s generation is followed by the Alpha generation; the alpha generation, that is already equipped with new ways of information through gadgets and apps. So who will teach this alpha generation? Today’s youth is going to be a future mentor!

What education system require?  

  1. Brilliant   
  2. Mendeley
  3. Evernote
  4. Taskpaper
  5. Math 42
  6. Math 42
  7. Pocket
  8. Keynote
  9. Popplet:   
  10. Concluding:  

What education system require?

The education system is digitized day by day, that means now teachers, as well as students, need to get on new board to explore this digitized word then click for best google play store alternative. So here are the 10 best apps which would help in exploring the modern era of education.

1.    Brilliant

Everyone is not fond of science, maths or engineering so they need a fun way to memorize stuff to pass the education system. The brilliant app is the process of learning STEM education through bite-sized experiences. The main features of Brilliant are:

  • Conceptual quizzes help in learning the ultimate solution to science and mathematics problems.
  • Several interesting topics to learn and listen which can boost one’s knowledge.
  • Personal and professional development of adults as they are encountered with new learning experiences and can communicate globally.
  • A problem-solving training of every individual.

2.    Mendeley:

When students are in universities and colleges they need to make a dissertation as a requirement of their degree. The main issue happens in their dissertation is when they have to create citations. To solve this issue they can access a citation management tool or app named Mendeley. It is a social academic app which allows people to manage their citation in the style required in their guidelines. Even it allows users to interact with the latest researchers and get their researches on board. Another feature of Mendeley is students can annotate their PDFs and share them.

3.    Coursera:

As the era is digitizing so the education is! Coursera is an app that offers massive open online courses that educate its users. The best thing in course as it educates its user no matter wherever he is all he needs is a pen and book and internet connection. No absolute timing, no sitting arrangements or anything else. This saves the time of a student. As he gets a convenient time to study what they have passion for. The course is the best option for people who want to educate themselves but cannot stick to time schedules.

4.    Evernote:

According to essay help online

“it has become immensely important for students to have proper organized digital platforms for their notes and study particulars”.

This change has been given to students by Evernote, through which they can keep a track of their daily activities as recording the lectures, managing to do list, scanning the documents and handwritten notes and most importantly organize notebooks. The user of Evernote gets daily update by app related to daily tasks as reminders.

5.    Taskpaper:

An outline is an important tool for every study kit. Thus when one is making a long dissertation and thesis, there are chances that they mostly lose track of their thoughts and miss the key points. For them, Taskpaper is the app to go.

6.    Math 42:

It is an excellent tool to study mathematics. Its main feature is it allows inputting math problems in it and then guiding through steps to solve it. It gives graphing tools to solve and clear out confusion and help in increasing mental math understanding. Thus if anyone wants to excel in mathematics they just need to download the app to work on.

7.    Math 42:

It is an app to unlock the creativity within students. It allows them to draw, record and shoot videos for their understanding. Even parents can keep track of their child by engaging in their curriculum through this app. Thus it is a one-stop solution to every problem.

8.    Pocket:

When there is so much research going on and students need to read lots and lots of stuff. They need something to save their research and make them remind of that topic later. To solve this issue Cheap Essay Writing Services UK suggested an app that saves the posts to read them later by any time. According to the “Pocket” is a great app to manage study material. Even it allows sharing of the stuff with friends and colleagues.

9.    Keynote:

Students put in lots of time in studying and lining up the material when they need to do any presentation or when they present a unique idea. Keynote is a study app for students to design their presentations interestingly. The main features of this app are:

  • intellectual themes and fonts
  • Clean and beautiful interface
  • Tables, charts, images to give life to the presentation
  • The ease of animated data that can give a new level to presentation

Thus it is an app one can dream of. As it beautifies one’s effort in a manner that impresses the audience during the presentation.

10.    Popplet:

It is a mind mapping app that directs the user to the next point possible in the drawn map. Mind mapping is essential for students as it helps them to organize in a creative way to enjoy their work and studies. As an example: names of planets; which students can learn through mapping them on the Popplet

The main features of popular are:

  • User-friendly interface for students
  • Improving the creative skills of students
  • Make students enable to map their things


No matter how much a student can get help from technology, he cannot replace interest and intelligence. These apps can produce excellent results if one has his interest and want to use his intelligence in learning the stuff. Learning is a lifelong process. A child is learning basic rules and processes of education while teachers are learning new ways to make children learn those processes.

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