Digital Marketing Hacks: Tips to Build an Online Blog

Blogging is a great method to represent your writing skills and interact with like-minded people online. Not only this, but writers can also earn money by creating a famous and informational online blog.

Due to these benefits, many people especially writing enthusiasts, are creating their blogs. Yes, the process of creating your blog is quite simple, and people with basic computer skills can also do that. 

The basic process requires your time and a little bit of money, but if you love writing more than anything else, then it will be easy for you. You just have to follow a few tips to build your blog. 

If you are wondering what these tips are, then read them below:

1. Choose a Good Blog Platform: 

There are many platforms which you can use to build your blog. Selecting one of these blog platforms is the first thing that you should do. The most famous among these is WordPress. You must have heard about it somewhere because it is a massive platform. 

WordPress has many layout designs, plugins and other features, some of which are free. You can build a low budget and a highly functional blog through this site. You will be amazed to know that there are already more than 82 million active users of WordPress.

Apart from it, you can also use other platforms like Blogger, Tumblr, etc. But we would suggest you should go with WordPress. You will find it a little bit difficult to use at first, but once you understand its basic functions, then you will be able to use it easily. 

2. Go for the Self-Hosted Version: 

After selecting the blog platform, comes the most important question; which is, do you want a self-hosted blog or a free one? People tend to get attracted to free things easily. So, many new bloggers go for free versions of WordPress or Blogger. 

But this could be your biggest mistake. Free versions meant for people who are not serious about blogging. You want to know why? Read its downsides below:

· The free blog is not your property. So, the blogging platform has full authority to give you any domain name (most of which are ugly). It also reserves the right to delete your blog anytime without informing you. Well, that’s sad. 

· You will have to face some limits with a free blog. You can’t upload all the images or videos because of these set limits. You don’t even have access to free WordPress blog themes. 

· You can’t monetize it fully. 

So, if you want to become a real owner of your blog, then go for self-hosted blogs. For this, you just have to select a domain name which is available and buy the hosting plan from any hosting provider. The cost of basic plans will be around $5-$10 per month; which is affordable.

3. Select your Blog Name: 

Finding a desirable domain name can be a tough task because most of the names which you will come up with will be already purchased. So, you have to think uniquely and find a descriptive name and no one else has used. Remember that it should relate to your niche.

4. Pick a Popular Niche: 

Talking about blog niche, you should think from the audience perspective as well while selecting this. Yes, you should select an area on which you like to write. But, also think about its popularity among the people because you would like to earn money from it someday. 

For example, if you would select topics like travel, relationships, movies, books, etc. then you will get more audience because these are generic areas. However, if your area is a particular animal species and their news, then you will get limited people. Choosing a popular niche will help your blog a lot. 

5. Design your Blog: 

Now, it’s time to select the designs, colors, and themes for your blogs. If you have created a self-hosted WordPress blog, then you can access thousands of free themes. But, many people use these themes; so your blog won’t be that much unique with these. 

However, you can start with free themes and can later purchase premium themes from WordPress or other theme selling websites. The best part is that you can change your theme any time with a single click. 

You just have to go to the “appearance” section in your WordPress blog account, and you will find all these themes. You can test any of these themes as they will be finally applied only when you will click on the “activate” button. 

Digital marketing consultants can also guide through themes which matches your blog area and which is easy to navigate. Don’t experiment too much because your web design says a lot about your blog. You can also take the help of a web designer to design your blogs in a great way. 

6. Start Writing Posts:        

Your blog is almost ready! You can fully focus on blog creation and publication now. After creating your content, go to your WordPress blog. Here, you have to click on the post section, and you will find a default post. 

Put that one in the trash as you don’t need this. Craft your content by clicking on the “add new” button. We will suggest you should write the blog in your word document first and directly copy from there. Put the title in the heading box and content body in the main big box. Click on “add image” and then on “upload” to add media files.

You also get to see the preview of how your post will look on the internet. See it before publishing because sometimes, the format of content and the pixels of your images, etc. look different after publishing. By seeing this preview, you can detect all these errors and make the necessary changes.

So, you can create your blog by using these tips. You can also hire digital marketing consultants for building an effective blog.

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