Differences between Windows XP and Windows 7

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Well, whenever I heard the question, what is the difference between Windows XP and Windows 7 I was amazed to answer when comparing to XP Windows 7 has come with enormous features, so let I am going explain some of the new features available in Windows 7 most probably this features will differentiate.


Bit Locker Drive Encryption

  • Bit locker is used for security purpose it encrypts the drive and to help protect your data from loss, theft, or hackers.
  • It helps the whole drive to password protected and encrypting the entire data reside the drive


User Access Control

  • UAC is introduced in Windows Vista and it is well improved in Windows 7,
  • This feature is also used for security concern whenever a program trying to make major changes in computer
  • UAC Will prompt for permission when comparing to Vista in Windows 7 UAC was well flexible and compatible.


Aero Theme

  • This feature will make an attractive on windows 7 using aero it includes distinctive visual styles that combine the appearance of lightweight,
  • Translucent windows with powerful graphics advance translucent glass.

Startup Repair

  • Startup repair option reduce the time consumption of reinstallation of the operating system,
  • and it eases the startup problem troubleshooting, also it will more helpful for IT admin


Windows Defender

  • Windows Defender protects against spyware and other unwanted software,
  • It uses less CPU utilization and contains more scan option ad one-click access control


App locker

  • This is also for security concern it will ease the IT admin to restrict the user to access the particular application
  • We can also use group policy to effectively implement the app locker


Windows Touch (Multitouch)

  • As long Microsoft only offer one finger touch after the release of Windows 7 is the first multi-touch compatible operating system from Microsoft


Parental Control

  • Parental control sound is already known in some antivirus but this also a new feature in Windows 7.
  • You can limit your kid’s computer use and also help them to suffer safer in online
  • Already I have mentioned that Windows 7 has many features I just include the whatever favorite of mine.
  • Also, Microsoft has released an official comparison of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

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