15 Best Google Chrome Extensions For YouTube

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YouTube is the known most popular free video streaming site online. Through it, you can easily browse for videos and even upload your own videos to share it online for free.

Google Chrome which has been considered as the fastest web browser will let you access YouTube without any inconvenience. Also, since Chrome has seen YouTube as a perfect teammate, you may now download some of the useful Chrome extensions exclusively used for YouTube.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For YouTube

#1. Stop AutoPlay

Stop AutoPlay


This is a Chrome extension which is perfect for people who do not want having YouTube video automatically played. Also, this can be useful if you need more time setting up some of the video settings especially its button before playing it. The good thing about this is that it will buffer even if you will not press the “Play” button.


#2. Easy YouTube Downloader

Easy YouTube Downloader

There are already lots of software and online websites which allows you to download a YouTube video for a keepsake. But with this Chrome extension, you do not have to go to a separate website or software since the Chrome extension will allow you to easily download a YouTube video in MP4, FLV, and MP3 format.


#3. TubeBuddy


TubeBuddy is my most loved YouTube instrument that functions as a channel chief and a toolbox for advancing recordings, making it a flat out must for YouTube makers. This includes a layer of various functionalities over YouTube, for example, Gives discover/supplant and mass refresh highlights to refresh the depictions, social profiles, hyperlinks, and references on the recordings. Creates altered, proficient looking thumbnails with the assistance of screen captures and marking or content layers for the recordings.

Enables you to draw in and team up with new endorsers and fans proficiently just as fare the rundown of your supporters and their profiles to a CSV record. Creates a definite examination of your rivals’ perspectives, endorsers, transfers every day and commitment channels all in pleasant, a forbidden structure in CSV design.


#4. YouTube Feed

YouTube Feed

This is a Chrome extension which allows you to easily view the uploaded videos by your favorite up-loaders. Once this Chrome extension has been installed; there will be a button beside your search bar on your Google Chrome browser.


#5. Skip Ads


Skip Ads

This Google Chrome extension will allow you to get rid of the “annoying” advertisements while the YouTube video buffers. Just click on the blue button and the YouTube video will skip loading the advertisement.





On the off chance that you have a slower web association, which results in recordings on YouTube to be everlastingly stuck in buffering, you out SmartVideo an attempt. It’s a cradle control expansion that gives you full authority over how the buffering of a video function. You can design the augmentations to ensure YouTube recordings begin buffering when the page loads, rather than trusting that the video will begin. It can likewise naturally play the video while buffering is finished, or play it when it realizes that the video will play easily a short time later (in light of your web speed).

Aside from cradle control, it likewise has numerous other extra highlights, for example, circle all recordings played, conceal comments, arrange video quality and shroud player settings. Besides, SmartVideo chips away at the two recordings in YouTube and recordings inserted on different sites.


#7. Music Video Lyrics

Music Video Lyrics

This is a very helpful Chrome extension which answered most of the demands of avid YouTube followers. This Chrome extension will show you the lyrics of the YouTube video being played. Through this, you can sing along with the artist shown on the video.


#8. Video Blocker

Video Blocker

On the off chance that you are burnt out on observing videos from a channel you truly abhor or find wrong, you should utilize the Video Blocker expansion. It gives you a chance to hinder every one of the videos from a particular channel, and the videos will never appear to you again. It will expel the videos from your pursuit, suggestions and some other piece of YouTube and make it like they were never at any point there. To square videos, just right-click on any video from the channel you need to square and choose “Square videos from this channel”. Moreover, you can likewise utilize catchphrases, trump cards and channel names to square channels and explicit kinds of videos.


#9. Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights

This is a cool Chrome extension which helps you to have a “cinematic” look on the YouTube video being played. You may click the “lamp” button just beside the browser’s search bar. When clicked it once, the monitor will be dim highlighting the video. Clicking it again will turn off its effect.

While Magic Actions offers the film mode highlight, where the foundation is diminished and video is placed in the center, it is genuinely limited. The Turn Off the Lights expansion offers the theater mode highlight with heaps of customization choices. You have full authority over the darkness of the blurred foundation and you can likewise mechanize the procedure. Furthermore, you can change the shade of the blur to any shading you like, so you are not anymore limited to the Black blur shading.

A Turn Off the Lights portion of its other highlights incorporates, night mode for simple perusing in obscurity, screensaver, secret word assurance, camera movement identification, voice directions, and the sky is the limit from there. Furthermore, these highlights take a shot at all the site pages; it isn’t simply limited to YouTube.


#10. Extended Options

Extended Options

This is a helpful Chrome extension which allows you to access more of the YouTube options. You can control the advertisements flashed while playing a video and the YouTube video’s quality. Actually, this Chrome extension is also usable with MetaCafe and DailyMotion.


#11. BriefTube


the BriefTube Chrome extension ensures you don’t squander your time on recordings that just look great outwardly. BriefTube makes a synopsis of what a video offers and lets you specifically bounce to the video part that is applicable to you. The synopsis makes a layout of the subjects in the video alongside the timestamps, with the goal that you can tap on the points to specifically move to it in the video. Lamentably, BriefTube just chips away at recordings, which have English captions, are HTML5 and longer than 5 minutes. To entirety things up, the extension is best for instructive recordings highlighting parts, with the goal that you can without much of a stretch switch between various sections.


#12. Auto HD

Auto HD

This is a powerful Chrome extension which allows you to set YouTube playing all the videos in a particular HD format. It can be in 240p, 360p, 480p, HD 720p, and HD 1080p.


#13. Auto Replay

Auto Replay

This is a Chrome extension which allows you to replay a particular YouTube video part. There will be an added option just below the YouTube video asking you the video part to be replaced.


#14. Magic Actions

Magic Actions

If you wanted a new look for YouTube for your browser, then you need to install this Chrome extension. This allows you to change the ambiance of the page and other minor YouTube settings.

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