How to make the Andaman Trip of your Spouse Super Romantic

Andaman Island is indeed a perfect destination for a romantic getaway. The sun-kissed beaches, gorgeous vistas, clear water waves and swaying coconut groves make Andaman a hub of lovers and honeymooners. 

Newlyweds buy Andaman honeymoon packages in every season as this island remains evergreen and enthralling round the year. The serenity plus natural beauty of this island are the reasons why it is called a romantic destination. 

Andaman is the destination where you can make your spouse feel super special. This trip will give you a chance to ignite the fire of love in the heart of your spouse by planning lots of romantic surprises. 

Well, if you fall short of ideas, then we are here to help you! We have curated a list of super romantic ideas that you can try with your partner in Andaman to make the trip lively and memorable. 

1. Go for an Inter-Island Helicopter Ride: 

Imagine you both are sitting in a helicopter that is flying above scenic islands and beaches. All you can see is the blue color of water and in between green dots that signifies islands. Then, the helicopter comes a little bit down, and now, you can also see marine species in the clear water of the sea. You are embraced by the blue sky, and the fresh air is touching your face. 

Isn’t it too romantic? Well, you can turn this super romantic imagination into reality by taking an inter-island helicopter ride in Andaman. For this service, you will need special permits of Directorate of Civil Aviation, and you have to make your bookings in advance. 

The best thing is that this ride is not that much costly. The longer rides will be covered within INR 5,000, and the shorter ones will be even more affordable. So, you should surely give it a try with your spouse.

2. Renew your Wedding Vows at a Picturesque Beach: 

This may sound a little bit cheesy, but the charm of doing it will never go out of fashion. A beautiful beach, sunset vistas, you and your partner and the feelings; isn’t it all you need? Andaman is the hub of tranquil beaches. You will see beaches that remain fully secluded all day. 

So, select any secluded beach of Andaman and take your spouse there in the evening. Adore the sunset together and take a walk near the shore. Wash your feet in the freshwater and maybe go a little deeper to enjoy it. 

Take the chance and renew your wedding vows amidst the most beautiful natural views. This time nature will witness the purity of your love! Trust us; your spouse will never forget this special day. 

3. Go for an Exciting Hike in the Depths of Tropical Forests:

You can know a lot about each other while walking together in the dense tropical forests of Andaman. Long Island is best for this activity as it features long stretches of forests where tourists can go for exciting treks and overnight camping as well. 

The white sand beaches are also pristine here, and you can spot groups of dolphins early in the morning. So, pack your essentials and take your spouse for a lovely hike. Discuss the things with him/her which you never get to discuss due to your busy daily life schedule or the presence of others.

Stop anywhere in the forests and sit for a while together. Adore the exquisite flora and fauna of Andaman together and take lots of images. Make your camp and stay overnight to feel the love away from the world! 

4. Rent a Scooty to Explore Havelock Island: 

Havelock Island is one of the main islands of Andaman, and it is a very popular tourists spot. The place is perfect for seeing the vibrant lifestyle of Andaman. Here, you will find lots of cafes, shops, resorts, restaurants, stretches of beaches, etc. So, a tour of Havelock Island is necessary to have full fun. 

For this tour, don’t go for normal cabs. Make it special for your spouse by hiring a cool scooty. Remember your old college days as you explore the roads and spots of this island on your rented scooty together.

Stop anywhere to have an ice cream or to try any street food. Take a break near some markets to indulge in shopping with your partner. Drive at your own pace and wander around various beaches to adore the landscapes. The scooter at rent will cost you less than 300 per day.

5. Propose your Spouse Underwater: 

Usually, people propose their loved ones once and then never do it again. You should consider doing it again with new enthusiasm as confessing your feelings again will never do any harm! It will only renew your love, and you can make your spouse feel valued by doing it. 

So, propose your spouse in a new style under the water. Go for scuba diving and give this surprise to your partner. Sit down on your knees underwater and present a beautiful ring! We know this sounds too filmy! Some underwater photographers can capture this special moment for you. Afterward, explore the marine creatures in the depths of water together. 

6. Savor the Seafood in a Classy Restaurant: 

Your tour to Andaman can’t be complete without trying the scrumptious seafood of the island. If you are a non-vegetarian, then you should never miss this chance! Go on a dinner date to any posh restaurant of Andaman. 

You will find many beachside restaurants that offer private dining services in Andaman. Book a secluded space and eat the delicious seafood together. Enjoy the views along with wine of your choice and a yummy meal. You can also find vegetarian options in these restaurants. 

So, Andaman honeymoon can be a life-changing event in your life and your love journey. You both can know a lot of new things about each other and can develop new feelings as well as mutual understanding at these super romantic places.

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