6 Hottest Trends in the Educational Industry in India

With recent development in technologies and resultant technological disruptions everywhere in day-to-day lives, Market Research reveals that schoolshave also started implementing the Education Ecosystem to make the future of children good. Opening a school makes the contribution of the advancement in technologies in their respective educational fields. Although challenges in the entire curriculum designing due to technology seem to be advent, School Market Research reveals that it also enhances the growth of children. Here are the 6 hottest trends in the Education Industry in India.

1) Mobile Apps Innovation and Gamification

As a  result of the recently developed education-related apps due to widespread mobile device reach, school starts to determine students’ interests, academic passions and “know possible areas” readily and in real-time to distinguish and enhance learning instruction. Also, education-related games are introduced in the packed app, forms to enhance skills in a specific subject and another subject with a focus on learning while getting thrilled and entertained.

2) Literacy by Going Digital

Nowadays, school franchise in India uses digital literacy curriculum, which can be created based upon students’ learning and developmental stages, and assigned the work through digital and parents also, get information about the same.

3) Library Media Specialization

Digital libraries are increasingly and becoming local technology hubs, which help in students’ education. Top school franchises in India have libraries, which tend to offer a wide range of services requiring some knowledge of technology and how to access the internet, the librarians’ job and key responsibilities have changed too.

4) Self-Motivated Professional Development

Recent time has seen an increase in self-directed and self-motivated professional development(PD) for educators, which includes interactive webcasts, webinars and other content that can be streamed on the web browsers. Opening a school is increasingly demanding as certified educators have to update their skills to comply with the ethical and legal guidelines on the latest standards. This is why; some schools are turning towards highly self-motivated, online modules to give access to educators to complete interactive learning modules to upgrade their knowledge.

5) Collaborative Learning

Newer applications offer classroom teachers to be at ease with both innovative and interactive learning platforms, and this trend seems to have grown exponentially in recent years. Most schools in India use Google Docs to interactive whiteboards to applications that offer educators to make quizzes and mark activities; it has been an exciting time for collaborative learning in the field of education.

6) Personalization

Personalization has been the latest buzzword in the education field right from enabling students to grasp simple concepts till explaining complex concepts through personalization let them advance at their own pace to choosing when and where they grow. So, school franchises in India designed in such a way provide learning to students without any difficulties.

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