4 Productivity Killers That Are Sabotaging Your Success

Business growth and success are mandatory for every entrepreneur, CEO, team lead, but also high-performance employees. It requires high effectiveness and productivity continually. However, to reach that state of performance, you have to get rid of productivity killers and distractions that disrupt your concentration. In this article, we will show you the worst four killers that are sabotaging your path to success.


Multitasking is the worst productivity killer of them all. Many people tend to believe that they can do many things at the same time, and that is just not right. Even if you manage to do it one or two times, in the end, you will realize that you didn’t save any time. On top of that, instead of doing everything correctly, you will have two or more tasks done clumsily. 

Entrepreneurs that start their businesses and startups are usually the ones who make multitasking mistakes. They want to start their YouTube channel, write blog posts, create networks, and do many other things at the same time. When they rush all these tasks, they don’t achieve high productivity and effectiveness.

Therefore, it is vital to do one task at a time. Don’t get me wrong; you still have to work hard. But hard work doesn’t require to work on several tasks simultaneously. Instead, prioritize your list of obligations, and start with the most important one. Finish all other tasks in that particular order. Be smart and don’t rush things since you won’t achieve anything that way.

Phone notifications

Distractions are the archenemy of productivity. They can come from anywhere, but maybe the worst ones are phone notifications. Every alert, buzz, sound, or pop-up pull can disrupt our focus and attention immediately. On top of that, many people are addicted to those notifications since they can produce dopamine every time we hear an alert.

That’s why it is essential to turn off or mute your phone while working. One of the most significant mistakes happen when people wait for an important email, so they leave the phone to disturb them. That is wrong! Keep up with your work, finish it, and then check your email. You might not even receive that “important” email during that time, and instead, other sounds will terrorize you and kill your productivity. 

Also, you might be frightened that something crucial is going to happen, and you won’t see it because you silenced your phone. Again, wrong! Build your reputation as a responsible person, and everyone who seeks you will know that you are not answering immediately because you want to finish your work. However, think about having one more telephone, and give that number only to your wife and kids. Tell them that it is only for emergencies. 

Wasting time on annoying tasks

Time is precious, and you have to admire every single moment you have. We were talking about prioritizing your tasks, and that aspect of a business is super important. You have to focus on things that provide the most value for your current business goals. Also, focus on your expertise and don’t try to work on something you are not good at. For instance, paperwork and administrative tasks can be very annoying.

They require too much time, and they might kill your motivation. On top of that, a single mistake could be fatal, and you should not work with it unless you are an expert in that field. Automatization of these processes should be the way to go in modern business. Find the best NetSuite consultant to support your business and make space for growth. The point is to take advantage of advanced solutions and make your work easier. By doing that, you will have more time to spend on those tasks where your knowledge is irreplaceable. 

Accepting minimum value

Many newbie entrepreneurs make the same mistake. They start accepting any value, or even minimum value, instead of thinking about the amount of value each task provides. Of course, that every single task will offer at least a minimum value. But, that’s not the point. You have to see which of them provides the highest amount of value and focus only on those. For example, you need to redesign your website and logo, but at the same time, to add more engaging content to your posts on Facebook and Instagram.

What should be the priority in this case? You should go for redesigning first since it offers more value at that moment. Once you finish with redesigning your website and logo, you will have the base for creating more exciting content. And once you complete that task, you can easily make better posts on social media, with some interesting videos or infographics. That is the whole point – prioritize your tasks by measuring the amount of value they provide at the moment. The order is gold!

Reaching high levels of performance is mandatory for every person who wants to be effective and productive, especially entrepreneurs. Being fully focused on one task at a time, without distractions, will higher your chances of success in the long run.

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