3 SEO Reports That Helps In The Growth Of Your Website

In this digital marketing world, there’re diverse SEO strategies you can execute to improve your site’s SEO (website streamlining), yet realizing how web indexes and your webpage’s crowd see your webpage is crucial before utilizing any SEO technique. That is the place Google Analytics proves to be useful. Google Analytics causes you to comprehend your site’s presence in indexed lists and give you insights regarding your site’s guests. Utilizing this data, you can detail better SEO systems to improve your site’s SEO.

Major SEO Reports measuring term of success

Organic Visitors

SEO is one of the visible ways to market a business on the web. The main aim of SEO is still to optimize search engine visibility of a website. Eventually, SEO for large companies is made a possible one by professionals & experts. Once conspicuity is enhanced for targeted keywords, several visitors coming from a search engine should also be upgraded. This can automatically wobble from one month to another but over a particular period should be a noticeable one.

All Visitors

This report explains about overall referral sites that are sending huge traffic over to a website. The visitors are subjected to a list of factors, SEO is one of the best marketing tools to increase brand visibility across the network. Some of the referral sites should be actively processing over building links on several SEO purposes. The overall link building process helps to gain trust, but its immediate goal is to build reliable links that deliver traffic. There are also other links from several referral sites that occur naturally. This can be a great target for additional link building too.


Typically, keywords bring more traffic to a site and it should be compared with keywords that are being targeted in SEO drive. They create a sense and it is a major sign that campaign is on the right track. Long-tail keywords can be utilized to create content and it is branded too.

Social Media

Social media marketing is an important component and it plays an important role in every field where the content is shared. It generates social signals providing trust to search engines and the generated reports explain everything regarding the targeted audience.

Google Analytics report to enhance website

Search Console Report

First, it is important to know the relevant keywords for which audiences are looking for. This is what meticulously Search Console report provides reliably. Initially, a list of fifty Google search terms will be listed that drives 100% organic traffic to the site. On the other side of the flip, clicks, impressions, click-through rate including average position can be viewed. A search Console Report is useful to enhance SEO site in several ways.

One can also get an overall synopsis of a site’s organic traffic. Gaining deeper knowledge is also possible, check whether SEO efforts are working or not just by analyzing the website. Keyword research is processed just by comparing keywords been used and it gets ranked for. If there is no absolute matching, then go ahead for keyword research again; decide for which keywords to be focused and to get ranked for them.

A high lightened factor is that keywords can be used for new blog posts. In case of a site is receiving a fair amount of traffic, not yet focused, then there are great opportunities. One can also create content targeting for organic traffic.   

Device Breakdown Report

The next important report, one can explore in Google analytics for enhancing SEO is the device breakdown report. It shows the dispersion of a website’s traffic; the additional percentage of internet consumers on Smartphones can give the right reply. In this era, most of the folks are using handy small screen devices such as mobile phones, tabs to browse information. This makes a stronger case to create responsive site mobile devices. 

Here, one can also explore the percentage of users flexibly browsing through mobile gadgets. If a site is receiving mobile traffic or not it can be easily found out. On the other side of the coin, if mobile traffic is too low, there might be missing chances of organic traffic. To improve a site’s browsing experience, one can set for Google AMP. This one automatically helps to optimize a site’s organic traffic. Tracking of AMP accurately made everything easier.

Top Referrals

Backlinks are one of the best factors that help in the ranking process. They are nothing but a site’s URL which is used on other sites to point user’s specific site or products. To put it in a nutshell, backlinks help to upgrade a site’s position in terms of search results in a dramatic way. These top referrals are topmost web pages that send traffic to a site just by adding links on concerned sites. They are real sources of a website’s backlink. To put it in a nutshell, contact for referral sites which indulges cross-promotion plans.

Top outbound links

Top outbound links are the topmost sites referring traffic to from a site. They are the backlinks for other sites too. They are the most important part of SEO, initiate a business too. For a considerable amount of traffic, request for a favor, by adding links on respective site.

Custom Dimension Report

Generally, Google Analytics does not provide any custom dimension reports. It is better to follow a list of insights such as focus keyword, look for popular authors, top categories and post types, etc. The trendier techniques increase the overall readability of the blog and also develop user engagement.  

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